Casa Xara

Along with the sparkling droplets of morning dew and the first rays of sunshine bringing warmth to your bedside, you'll be pleasurably awakened by the melodious symphony of nature surrounding you.

Casa Xara y Casa Molino within Molino Helvetia Private Natural Reserve, is nestled in hills which form part of the Sierra Madre. It is located 88 km/61 miles from Guatemala City, 5 km from Tecpán Guatemala and 8 km from the archaeological site of Iximché.

"Xara" means jay in kaqchikel, the area's Mayan language. The abundance of this species in our forests inspired the logo for our flour bags and Casa Xara.

15 Calle 3-20, Zona 10 Edificio Centro Ejecutivo 4o. Nivel Oficina 407, Guatemala City, Telephone/Fax: (502) 23370369 / (502) 23370385